New Content for U.S. Documents Masterfile, Autumn 2017
09 October 2017 by Paratext Editorial

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The Autumn of 2017 brings great new content to U.S. Documents Masterfile: 1774-2018, along with recently deployed new search utilities to improve search results, particularly for non-specialists.

The following sources have just been added to U.S. Documents Masterfile.

Congressional Bill Summaries, 2013-2017

U.S. Documents Masterfile recently incorporated 26,000 records from the Congressional Bill Summaries of the 113th, 114th, and 115th Congresses, starting from January 2013 all the way to the present. Additional contemporary Bill data is planned.

Upon clicking the link provided by the citation, users will have access to all accompanying information on the corresponding Bill, including its: Summary; Text (available for export in various formats); Actions; Titles; Amendments; Cosponsors; Committees; and Related Bills.


United States National Archives

U.S Documents Masterfile now contains over 2.3 million new Open Access citations from the United States National Archives image collection. Additional Open Access sources are planned. 

The range of this collection is quite vast, including: manuscripts; personal letters from the likes of George Washington; pictures of early-American towns; draft and immigration records; etc. 



Coming Soon

Next quarter, more content will be added from the ERIC database, bringing the total number of ERIC records in U.S. Documents Masterfile to 1.6 million.

Additionally, Paratext will be adding more records to the Department of Education/Energy Citation Database with almost 3 million in total.

Paratext continues to update both the GPO data file, as well as non-GPO government publications quarterly, with appropriate full-text links.

For more information on every source in U.S. Documents Masterfile: 1774-2018, please log-in to your Paratext Account to view the Full Contents List and Resource Descriptions.

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